In memory of

Private Archibald Dickson

2nd Black Watch

†April 22nd 1916, age 21

Archibald Samuel Paton Dickson was the youngest son of Thomas and Marion Dickson of Dodhead, Macbiehill.  He was killed in action at the battle of Kut on Saturday 22nd April 1916 at a time of fierce fighting. The previous year he was seriously wounded at the Battle of Loos, so that his military career had been one of suffering.  When Archibald Dickson fell the British had been suffering a severe check on the way to Kut.  The British experienced very severe losses, although not to the same extent as the enemy, who lost more that 3,000 men.  On April 23rd the British attacked the Turkish position at Sanna-i-yat after bombarding it systematically for two days.  Owing to floods it was found possible for one Brigade only to attack, and the result was a failure, despite the great gallantry of the British troops. Archibald’s older brothers, John and Thomas, both survived the war.

Amara is situated on the River Tigris in Iraq about 520 Km from the sea. In 1933 all the headstones were removed as it was discovered that the salts in the soil were causing them to deteriorate. The names of the 4,621 people buried there were placed on a screen wall.  The cemetery was then “lost” but, rediscovered in 2003. According to a report by the BBC, an Iraqi, Hassan Hatif Moson, has been caring for the site since 1977.